Rock-It — Use Hiking Gear as Speaker System

If you like to take your tunes along and you don’t want to be bothered by earbuds that deaden the sound of the world around you — if you want to hear a little good music while you do camp work but don’t want those plug wires snagging on everything you do — then you will really like the OrigAudio Rock-It Portable Vibration Speaker System. The Rock-It backpacker audio system adds only five ounces to your pack load, and delivers clean audio with a power pack of only two AA batteries. The system is compact and well-designed for backpack storage, with wires and components neatly stored behind a plastic cover when not in use. The Rock-It’s 3.5 mm plug fits most current standard MP3 players include the exceptionally lightweight and rugged Ipod Shuffle. Although I’m not a fan of music in the woods, the Ipod Shuffle is so small and so good, that I’ve been tempted to get one of my own anyway.

At times when Alice is laughing at the things she hears through her earbuds, we do sometimes share those but it’s always an awkward experience requiring more coordination than we have when we’re moving. With the Rock-It, sharing your music with the world requires nothing more than an empty container. That could be a cardboard box, an inflated ziplock bag, an inflatable camping pillow, or even a piece of trash you haven’t crushed yet. The speaker adapter sticks to nearly any surface and uses ordinary objects as resonant amplifier chambers. Fortunately it doesn’t have boom-box power, but it’s plenty for sharing good vibes with pleasant company.

Some cautionary notes about the Rock-It: this isn’t a waterproof piece of gear, so store it in a sealed plastic bag in bad weather. Take the batteries out first to prevent any overheating damage to them, and don’t put the Rock-It in the sun. Regard hot rocks as the equivalent of the back window of a closed car. Battery life of this higher power device won’t match the working charge period of an Ipod Shuffle, so take a couple of extras if you plan to use the Rock-It a lot.

The speaker base clings to everything, but not if it’s coated with dirt. Make a clean spot on any item you plan to use as a speaker and keep greasy fingers off the pad.

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