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I read a lot of other outdoors blogs in between fits of working and it’s always nice to find another good one with more than a description of the last backpacking vacation taken (which always makes me jealous anyway). Lately I’ve been going back to a recently-discovered favorite of mine — — for an alternative view of my favorite subjects. If you read much of my blog you’ll realize I’m a gearhead, at least when I’m at home. I like the technical problems wilderness camping and backpacking present every bit as much as the scenery. At home I like to study new toys and old ideas I never tried.

But as people who know me are aware, actual organization isn’t my strong point. I tend to throw armloads of gear into the car trunk and slap a packload together at the trailhead. I’m fairly sure that I’ll have most of what I really need and whatever’s lacking will be one of my challenges. Makes for some interesting camping vacations, as happened only recently when I discovered I took the bottle of taste remover tablets instead of the bottle of water purification tablets. Fortunately I had a backup plan.

I wouldn’t recommend the random approach to everyone, and if you’re the sort who does prefer preparation and organization you’ll find a lot of good vacation planning advice at, the blog/website published and written by Patty and John Delto. Not everyone who writes about the outdoors has much experience with it, but their expertise shows. I can look at the gear ads on their page and see several featured items I personally own and use, which makes me feel like a kindred spirit. Not only that, Patty writes about vacationing in places I still haven’t been. I’m always pleased to find out things I never knew, as well as being pleasantly reminded of places I’ve grown to love.

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