Currie E-Zip Trailz Power-Assist Electric Bikes

If you think electric bikes are out of your price range, you’ll find the Currie E-Zip Trailz Electric Bicycle a welcome sight. For the price of a good mountain bike you can be up and rolling with 450 Watts of dependable power-assist and a range of up to 22 miles. Depending on your weight and how fast you ride that could drop to 15, but it’s still enough for recreational rides and short commutes.

What the E-Zip Trailz does for you is provide about 50 percent more strength than you thought you had. When you pedal forward, the DC drive motor mounted on the rear hub kicks in automatically and gives you an extra boost for hills or level ground. On downhills where you don’t need power, the system shuts off to let you coast and conserve battery charge. Twist-N-Go acceleration with a twist-grip control gives you immediate full power for a powered ride up to 15 mph.

Both men’s and women’s frames accommodate riders with limited agility, but the ladies’ model offers the easiest step-through access. If health reasons draw you to the E-Zip — you want to keep riding but need some extra zip — you should try one out if possible before you buy. With a steel frame, a heavy motor and either one or two weighty power packs (two doubles the range) the E-Zip weighs 68 pounds and may be hard to handle when stopped. Be sure you have enough strength to control it at the stop lights.

Currie Technologies expects their rechargeable SLA or lead-acid 24-Volt Bicycle Battery Packs to last for about 200 full charge cycles and warrants them for six months. Replacement batteries snap easily into the saddle-bag-style carrier frame. The bike comes equipped with one battery, but the frame holds two. With an extra battery the range of the bike doubles, but the top speed doesn’t change.

For a detailed look at features of the E-Zip Trailz visit the Owner’s Manual at Currie Technologies. Visit the Electric Bikes category here at the Marked Tree for more info on other bikes and conversion kits.

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