Currie E-Zip Eco-Ride Electric Bike

The Currie E-Zip Eco-Ride’s unisex aluminum frame makes this electric bicycle a practical choice for nearly any rider. About ten pounds lighter than the E-Zip Trailz, the Eco-Ride streamlines both the power pack and the motor with a 250 Watt drive and a long-life rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

Since the Eco-Ride electric bike has the same range and speed (from 15 to 22 miles on a single charge, with a top speed of 15 mph) as the E-Zip Trailz and costs roughly twice as much, you might wonder whether saving ten or fifteen pounds is worth that amount of money. There are sound reasons for the value difference, however. The lighter lithium-ion power pack recharges more than twice as many times as the SLA or lead-acid battery that powers the Trailz. Not only that, charge times drop to four to six hours.

The Eco-Ride’s automatic power-assist mode senses how much force you’re putting into the pedals and adds to it. That cuts the effort of an uphill climb by about half, and if you need to catch your breath and cruise for a bit, just override the power-assist for a fully-electric ride. Range estimates are based on using the Eco-Ride’s power-assist mode, and top speed is measured on flat terrain. Lightweight riders will get the best numbers.

Another good feature is the sturdy battery rack centered over the back wheel. That improves the bike’s balance considerably, compared to a single SLA on a Trailz. The battery rack locks, but it’s also easy enough to slip the lithium-ion battery out of the rack and take it with you. Most good battery thieves know how to pick simple locks, and an expensive battery just makes your new bike a tempting target.

Click here for a download of the E-Zip Owner’s Manual. You’ll find a detailed illustration of the Eco-Ride on page 10. Visit the Electric Bikes category here at the Marked Tree for more info on other bikes and conversion kits.

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