Gifts for the Cats We Love

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Every cat has a personality, some more personality than others, but each is his own unique creature. Whether they are big cuddly softies or tough warrior guardians, whether they’re wild and silly or quiet and thoughtful, whether they like to chase from morning to night or nap in a comfy spot, they are all precious companion animals, as much a part of the family as any of the human members.

When the holidays roll around or when you want to celebrate a special occasion, instead of taking a trip to the grocery or pet store, where you’ll find the same items on display as were there the last time and the time before that, consider an online shopping trip. Stay home, stay comfy and choose from some of the more interesting items your cat may enjoy.

Cats love nothing quite as much as a soft, warm spot for napping. While the house may be filled with them, how many are the domain of the cat alone? Doesn’t she deserve her own special spot to rest?

Not only can one of the improved cat beds make your cat feel warm and comfortable, it may save your electronics or an emergency trip to the vet. Cats love the top of the television and your computer desk because of the heat the electronics give off. Your electronics, however, do not handle the insulation of a tabby belly or the cat fur that finds its way inside fans and components quite as much.

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Cats have had some nasty falls from a sleepy roll off a television set or entertainment center. True, they often land on their feet, but an accident is only a snagged paw or slow reflex away. And kitty may take your DVD player down with him the next time he takes a tumble.

All that lovely beast wants is a toasty spot all his own! Give it to him with one of these electric bed or heating pad warmers made especially for pets. You can place it in a safe spot, set the temperature and, unlike with a generic heating pad, the products are made with your animal in mind.

If the pad alone is too bare, try a thermo bed. They come in pad or mat versions, beds and covered cat huts. Most feature a 4 watt heater for added bliss. An older pet or one with medical issues may thank you for the easy access and extra comfort one of these beds offers.

If your tastes run more modern, consider the Marmalade Sweet Lounge and Cheeky Chaise. Designed from cardboard, they look like lovely finished wood. These cat beds are very cat friendly, curved for comfort and made for scratching. And they recycle!

Lovely and aromatic, catnip contains the oil nepetalactone, a cat aphrodisiac. It won’t harm your feline friend and she will have a grand time (if she has the gene to enjoy it) acting like a silly, dreamy, playful kitten again.

Catnip can encourage play, exercise or a relaxation effect in your cat. The effect wears off in a short time. Keep a plant nearby and enjoy the fresh green beauty and the pleasant fun it gives your cat. No green thumb? There are many catnip products available.

Cat grass is a safe plant for cats who have a craving for greens. Oat grass or wheat grass seeds are good substitutes for houseplants potentially dangerous to cats. The grass can help with digestion or hairballs and is perfectly fine for your pet to nibble upon. Grass recovers quickly and is simple to grow.

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Use your pets natural instincts during play and you’ll spare your furniture and your sanity. Scratch pads let your cat keep those claws in good shape and keeps them off the armrest. The traditional toys like balls for batting are even more fun now with all of the many variations in colors and sounds available.

Kong toys have gone a step beyond to provide a squirrel toy which can be filled with a bit of catnip. Cat owners rave about how much their pets love the toy, just one of many unique Kong cat toys. They are safe, durable and can be refilled.

For owners who need as much occupying as the cat of the house or those who prefer interactive play or the excitement of an electronic toy, why not a remote control rodent? Whether you are doing the driving or watching the fun from the sidelines, there are sure to be hours of happy play time for everyone.

Some cats ignore television and computer screens, but others understand those images mean something. If your cat is bored and sad or making trouble while you’re away, why not give her something to do, something which will pique her curiosity and entertain her in the quiet hours until you return.

Not only will these cat videos help entertain your pet, but bad guys may think you’re home and pass your place by.

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The litter box is one of those things we don’t put too much thought into. Often it ends up remaining the same tray, kept in the same place as the first day your cat came into the house. Rethinking the system may simply never occur to most of us, but there are many new litter tray styles and features, ones which offer benefits for you and for the cat of the house.

Litter trays now offer automated cleaning systems, so you do not have to dread the chore and kitty needn’t suffer as everyone in the house puts off the job just a little longer. Covered cat boxes keep the litter inside the box, even with the messiest of paws involved. The covers also offer your cat an added measure of dignity and privacy to use the facilities and help contain any momentary odors while the litter does its job.

Can you imagine never having to touch a cat box again? Heaven! Cat toilet trainers can eliminate the need for the litter and litter box altogether. Cleaning up can be unpleasant for some, dangerous for others. Bags of litter are heavy and there’s never quite a good way to dispose of everything, but one quick flush–no hauling, no washing, no odor!

Of course, a necessary item makes a good gift, too. A better food dish or replacement for a well-worn brush smarten up the cat area and provide for daily needs and some nice close time. Pets love to be groomed. The personal attention and adoration are worth more than any toy or treat we can give them.

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