Gifts for the Dogs We Love

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Dog Canteens and Backpacks

Out on the trail and in the park, there are sources of water available, but how safe are they? There is no found water that humans would consider safe to drink. Allowing your pet to drink from a pond, puddle or stream is no more safe. You can’t be sure where pesticides, pollution or sewage has leached into the water.

Another important consideration: your pet may drink and see no adverse effect, but will you be as lucky when he returns for a flurry of kisses?

Hydration is just as important for our companion animal friends as it is for us humans. You can’t always depend on finding a working drinking fountain. Your pet may not be able to drink from a water bottle (or may waste a lot trying).

Pet canteens are the perfect answer. Your dog can even carry his own water, and his own food, in a fitted canine backpack. Each canteen holds fresh, clean water and provides a simple dish from which your dog can comfortably drink. Take one along on a long day of errands or your next trip to the park.

Plush Toys

Plush toys have always been popular with our furry friends. Barnyard Grunters have over-sized bellies with a grunting device hidden inside. Your pet will have a grand time with his little friend, causing it to grunt, then playing along. The plushies are nice for your pet to cuddle with, chase or chew.

Squeeze Meeze toys are made from latex. They come in a standout line of colors and squeak when they are pressed or squeezed. Their best feature? Each has a part that extends when the toy is put under pressure–like the dragon toy’s forked tongue. These even look cool when sitting around the house.

Vibrant toys are a way for your dog to act out its normal play, stalking and mothering instincts. If your pet will become attached to a beloved toy, why not make it one which appeals to your senses as well?

Choke Safe Collars

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Premier provides a line of harnesses and leashes, but their best product is their Keep Safe collar, made to break away if your pet becomes trapped. The collar is made for use with a leash and for normal control of your pet, but should he become trapped or at risk from strangulation, a buckle in the collar pulls apart to release the animal.

No one wants to consider the worst, but the world our pets live in is filled with hidden dangers. Most of the time we are present to take action; if we aren’t, safety features are the best way, a no-hassle way, to add a level of protection, even when we can’t be there.

Premier offers a line of toys for dogs as well. Their toys dispense treats randomly as your pet plays, providing him an additional motivation to play and remain interested.

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Kongs are delightful, colorful rubber chew toys sized for all makes and models of canine companion. They can be chewed as-is, but the best entertainment for your pet comes when you fill them with a treat, such as cheese or peanut butter. Some people even freeze them.

You dog will get hours of enjoyment from the toy–chewing, licking, chasing and working to get to the treats inside. Some users report their dogs are so thoroughly occupied with the toy that they are exhausted by the time they are done!

Especially great if you have a nervous pet, one that likes to chew, is bored or enjoys his food a little too much. This lets your dog experience the chewing sensation that he would have from bones in the wild without harming teeth or gums. It lets your pet experience a little flavor and a lot of fun in one small package.

Dog Beds

You love your big sweetie, but there are nights when you wish you could have your bed to yourself or sit on your own couch without being kicked and scratched. Still, it seems cruel to make your adorable baby move to the floor.

Pet beds are the perfect solution. Your pet gets to have his own personal place to relax. He needn’t experience the discomfort of the cold hard floor. Your pet will learn that his spot is safe and cozy and will want to head there out of habit, but will always be available to return to your side when you need him.

Pet beds are made to provide either warm or cool comfort. They can be moved from room to room or multiple beds can be placed throughout the house. They make a good spot to store pet toys when they aren’t in use. Many have covers which can be popped into the wash for a quick cleaning.


Of course pets need our love, but they also need entertainment. Keeping active helps their minds stay sharp, keeps them fit and alleviates boredom. Even bad behavior improves when you give a dog more to do. They don’t seek out your belongings when they have their own favorite playthings made for rough use and gnawing.

While television is ignored by some dogs, others seem to understand those pictures mean something and they get very excited by certain programs. Doggie Movies are available to entertain your friend while you’re busy or away.

Videos usually include other dogs or small animals of interest. People often find them fun as well. Even better, watching them with your pet can be a hilarious and memorable occasion.

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