My Email to Al Franken

In spite of Al, my favorite senator. Next in line, John McCain.

Lots of what has happened of late has made me re-examine my own behaviour, of which I am in some instances ashamed. Certain things seemed funny at the time, or seemed appropriate to me when they were certainly inappropriate to others. I’m lucky I’m not a senator and I can largely keep to myself now. I also hope to be a better person and pay more attention to the feelings of others in the future, however short that may be. Probably does not make up for the other things.

I have watched your work in the Senate, Al, even though I live in Indiana, and I feel that in spite of your imperfections you are important to us all, and please don’t quit. Add legal resolution of these imperfections to your agenda. Maybe we need somebody with a shovel to stand there and hit new Senators and Congresspersons over the head during sexual harassment prevention training. Every strike of the shovel means, this applies to you too. I would have countless shovel impacts for this and I consider myself a good person. As I age, I look back and notice more things. I wish I had it to do over, but I don’t. I start from here, every day.

So what I would suggest, in a semi-silly way, but seriously, is that maybe you need to fall back on your appreciation of human behaviour as essentially ludicrous. Do some Photo-Ops with the women who work for you. Stand with them for photos. Wear a straitjacket when you do this and smile. When you pass 30, psychotherapy doesn’t help, all your habits like the happy hands syndrome are ingrained. Either stay out of the situation or wear protective devices.

I wish you the best of luck and I hope you will continue your good works in this very dangerous time.

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