LED Flashlights: No More Dead Weight

By Alice Moon of Free Range Human

If you are still carrying a bulky, full sized flashlight and accompanying heavy D-size batteries, what are you thinking?? There are many options out there that perform better and add a weight you’ll barely notice.

I prefer to buy mine at the local box store, where they carry a variety of small, rubber coated LED style lights. You can go cheap and find an acceptable model easily for under $5 or you can look for better quality.

Maglites are superior, but not always available with a rubber coating. The coating keeps out water and blunts any impact the light may suffer as you bang about in camp and along the trail. In good quality lights, the coating covers the flashlight switch for added protection. It also keeps your light from sliding to the bottom of your pack as you move. And the press switch is usually set in the end of the light, helping prevent any accidental activation during storage.

At about four inches long, these mini flashlights tuck easily into a pants pocket or pack pouch. Most come with an option for a carabiner clip or lanyard. If need be, these lights can also easily attach to a hat or pack to project a beam in front of you or steadily light a work area. They also fit nicely between your teeth if you find yourself working in the dark and need both hands.

In a tent, they hang readily in a pouch or from any of the attached ties to provide illumination from above so you can read or sort gear. All without the danger of bringing a live flame indoors. Read in the tent at night without disturbing your tentmate–the LED lights produce a focused, brilliant white beam of light that won’t spread to illuminate the entire tent.

The lights operate for an extended period of time on a few small batteries. You can easily carry spare batteries or a back up and still save weight over a larger model, but you won’t need one–these lights are dependable and last a long time on one set of batteries.

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