#6: Tropic Thunder

Survival means get that medic away from me

Survival means get that medic away from me

Two things to remember in SERE training:  don’t bring Q-tips and unless you have a broken leg, keep it to yourself.  You’ll see why.  Jeez, dude.  Don’t help me.

Getting used to tropical survival fare, the boys eat banana slugs (raw and alive, that’s not called escargot) and horror of horrors, the dreaded Durian fruit.  One of my favorites, actually, last time I bought one fresh here in the States it cost me $22.00.  Next they’ll be eating lobster.

I was counting up the days of training we actually see in this series, compared to the length of time the course lasts, and we are only seeing about a third of what happens.  Either there’s a lot more going on back at base or these people have regular jobs and just do this on the weekends.  I think they are being nice because there’s a film crew watching.  So far there’s only two washouts.

J. T. Hats

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