#5: The Rock

Hitting the Wall

Hitting the Wall

This is where it gets hard.  What could have been a nice vacation has been transformed by sleep deprivation and endless chores into a long ordeal.  Five to seven miles of bushwhacking every day, plus training–not much fun.  If it was legal to leave you’d probably see people wandering off.  This is not the military I remember–here the trainers try to talk people out of completing the course, offering a ride back to base and a hot meal if they decide to pack it in.  Probably the other side of things happens off camera.  This looks more and more like a recruiting film all the time.

But the class has some genuine challenges on this leg of the mobile course, split up into two man teams to find their way by orienteering to several marked locations in the Washington forests.  On the last day, it’s rock climbing time, with two chances to climb a 200′ boulder in under six minutes.  Some don’t make it.  Sections of the climb look a little tricky, but fatigue is the real problem.

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