Buck’s Alpha Crosslock Folding Hunter

Includes knife and
crosscut saw.

Buck’s Alpha Crosslock offers a portable butcher shop in gunmetal gray, less flashy and a little more sensible than the Buck Alpha CrossLock Camo version. I have a personal grievance against camouflage as decoration. There’s better logic in attaching flashing lights to a good knife — if you drop the camouflaged version in the brush, the chances of finding it aren’t great. In other respects it’s the same intriguing good idea — a combination folding hunter and bone saw. If the bone saw doesn’t appeal to you try the Buck Alpha Crosslock CT Tool Real Tree Camo Knife, with a blade designed for working on twelve or twenty gauge shotgun choke tubes.

If you’re looking for a folding hunting knife that’s more than a little different, this is it. By itself the three inch modified spear point blade of 420HC high carbon stainless steel would be a little small for dressing out something as large as a deer. The three inch bone saw blade makes the knife practical for that, with no need for a heavy cleaver blade that can chop through or be driven through bone. If you run into something too tough for the knife blade, saw away.

For even more convenience this innovative multi-blade incorporates a gut hook in the tip of the saw, not the tip of the blade. For heavy cutting and twisting the knife blade will have its full strength, without that fragile hooked tip to worry about. Use the gut hook for opening the belly of the game — slide the hook through the abdominal wall without snagging internal organs and contaminating the meat.

The combination of blades isn’t the only interesting concept here. The two blades fold into opposite sides of the 6061 T6 aircraft aluminum handle frame. Each has its own thumb stud for one handed operation and locks open with its own liner lock. Don’t let the inner works freeze up with gunk or that lock may not work properly. The Alpha Crosslock will need a thorough cleaning after every dirty job. Every technical knife adds maintenance responsibilities as well as good features and the Alpha Cross Lock is true to that standard.

Since I like the Buck Crosslock let me suggest a reason to carry this knife even if you don’t hunt. The Crosslock doubles as a good one-hand opening emergency knife for the car. The guthook will zip through seat belts and wire, the saw will also work on wood, and the knife is good for what knives do well (and under the legal limit for pocket carry and concealment). There’s no window-breaker stud, but I’m thinking I could find a way.

Cross Lock knives come with a nylon belt pouch, the best way to carry a folder big enough to wear a hole in your pocket. For more choices of the Buck Crosslock knife, see Crosslocks on Amazon.

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