Tactical Pens: Last Word in Writing

Though it’s not the first line of defense by choice, the tactical  pen could come in handy in desperate situations. Taking on a squad of trained terrorists with the tactical pen isn’t likely to succeed, but the self defense pen does offer those with survival in mind an additional option. Far more likely to escape notice than any type of knife, the tactical pen might be the only last defense you have.

I’d be far more skeptical if I didn’t like pens. I always have liked pens and from time to time I’ve paid approximately the same price (let’s say up to $75 because I’ve never been crazy) for a good fountain pen. I doubt the expensive pens I’ve owned have ever worked better than a fine point felt tip that cost a couple of bucks — it’s the mystique I’ve enjoyed. Tactical pens — the best ones — add that mystique and some practical value as well, and don’t necessarily cost a hundred dollars.

Benchmade’s T2 Aluminum Writing Pen would be at the top of my list, built by a well known manufacturer of tactical knives and engineered for a secure grip. Grip actually sets tactical pens apart from the ordinary type, since most ordinary pens tend to slip through the hand under pressure.

Smith & Wesson’s Tactical Pen rivals the Benchmade’s quality but at a much more reasonable cost. This imported pen does have enough flash to easily pass as only a pen, and the aircraft quality aluminum housing does offer strength close to that of finely machined American-made versions.

Less subtle but even less expensive, the Azan Defense Tool First Line Tactical Pen features a knurled body, fluted point, and a crown that serves as an efficient glass breaker. The Azan Defense Pen probably is a little ugly, but it’s a chunk of serviceable metal big enough to smash a car window in an emergency, at a very reasonable price.

The worth of the tactical pen lies in the fact that you’re likely to have it when you have nothing else. It’s not guaranteed you’ll be able to carry it on a plane. Most of us would only use the tactical pen in defense as a last resort, just ahead of the rolled-up magazine.

Expertise counts, and the self-defense techniques of Kubotan transfer easily to any pen. Take a course if possible and you’ll learn helpful tricks.

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