Proof I Live in a Swamp

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snapping turtle

I'd dig out my snapping turtle recipe but the little fellow is just too cute.

Sure, it’s not a big swamp, but swamp it is nevertheless. Today I collected an interesting bit of photographic evidence, the first snapping turtle of the year just across the road by the mailbox.

If you should stop by for some reason be careful of the watch possum on the front porch. He bites.

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Avid backpacker and outdoorsman with old skills and interests in old ways of doing things; equally fascinated by electronics, from the days of Sputnik, to the Zilog Z80A, to the present day of black box circuitry. Sixty years of experience with growing my own food and living simply. Certified electronics technician, professional woodturner, woodcarver, and graduate of two military survival courses -- Arctic and Jungle.

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