Remora Gearslinger

The Remora Gearslinger from Maxpedition

The Remora Gearslinger from Maxpedition

At some time during your backpacking trip you’ll have a strange desire to put down the pack and wander around like a normal person. Shedding that load at the end of the day is one of the great feelings of the trail experience.

One of the more dangerous things you can do is leave all your gear at camp and go on a local sightseeing trip. The basics need to go with you, even if it’s only for a hundred yards. In some terrain that’s more than enough distance to get you lost.

Fanny packs are common enough but I’ve never liked them. I tend to slip the strap as long as it’ll go and wear them bandolier style, because after carrying a pack on a hip belt for miles even a little weight down there is enough to anger the sore spots.

Comes in several
styles and colors.

So I’m going to like the Maxpedition Remora Gearslinger — it’s always nice to see your own preferences reflected in a good product. Maxpedition uses quality materials and put a lot of thought into this design. There are plenty of rings so you can strap it securely to your main load, and the shoulder strap fits in a pocket out of the way, when it isn’t needed. Loops and rings allow strapping on extra gear. The ventilated back panel wicks away sweat, keeping you cooler and cargo drier.

Clip on a water bottle and you’ve got everything you need to explore the nooks of whatever destination you worked so hard to enjoy. The only reservation I have is about the price, which is running $90 to $95 lately, depending on color. The camo version is priced $5 higher than the selection of solid patterns. But it’s good gear that will last, and it’s an idea that you don’t see very often. The Maxpedition Remora is perfect as an emergency kit and with a little planning even makes a good day pack.

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