Samsung Chromebook People, Oh My!

Chat InformationPlease wait while I transfer the chat to the best suited Samsung Agent.

You are not currently in a chat session.

Chat InformationYou are now chatting with ‘Tim’. There will be a brief survey at the end of our chat to share feedback on my performance today.

Chat InformationYour Issue ID for this chat is LTK1125602653737X

Tim: Hi, thank you for reaching out to Samsung technical support. Your chat was transferred to me and I will be glad to assist you. Please allow a couple of minutes, while I review the previous chat to assist you better.

Jimmy: When I complete all this it tells me to go to the troubleshooting guide

Jimmy: I’m about to freak out and never buy another Samsung product again. Hi, Tim.

Tim: Hello, hope you are doing good.

Tim: Could you give me a few minutes while I check the information for you?

Jimmy: What about the people who don’t have two phone numbers? It won’t let you complete the form unless you have two.

Tim: That is perfectly understandable.

Jimmy: If it’s understandable you haven’t finished reading what happened

Tim: I understand that you are facing issues with Chrome book and you wish to get the device serviced.

Jimmy: Yay

Tim: I would like to file a request on behalf of you. Is that alright for you?

Jimmy: I have no idea. You might charge me $55

Tim: Just to confirm, Is there any physical damage on the device?

Jimmy: No

Tim: Basically, Samsung provides 12 months of warranty for the device from Date of purchase. If the device does not have the physical damage then repair will be of free of cost.

Jimmy: Just so you understand me, if you send me a bill for $55 you can keep the damn chromebook

Tim: Could you be specific about the Keyboard issue of the device?

Jimmy: I can be specific any number of times. I’ve been specific three times already today.

Jimmy: You might want to read the chat record, I’ve been specific there several times

Tim: Thanks for confirming.

Jimmy: You are welcome

Tim: I see that the Alt Key on Key board had struck.

Jimmy: No

Jimmy: There is not a stuck key

Jimmy: The fault mimics a stuck ALT key

Jimmy: I got the ssame fault when I used a different USB keyboard

Tim: Thanks for providing detailed information for issue.

Jimmy: I’ve tried

Tim: Please provide me with the following details:

Tim: Complete model number of the device.

Tim: Serial number of the device.

Tim: You can find it in Back/rear panel of the device and also on box.

Jimmy: Oh, come on, I’ve been through that too many times already

Jimmy: Once again

Jimmy: XE303C12-A01US

Jimmy: Serial

Jimmy: HY3A91BF306216R

Tim: I would like to file a request on behalf of you.

Tim: Please provide me with the following details:

Tim: 1.Full Name.

Tim: 2.e-mail id registered with Samsung.

Tim: 3.Phone number and alternative number.

Tim: 4.Street address with Zip code.

Jimmy: You only have my permission if it doesn’t cost me $55

Jimmy: Respond in the affirmative please

Tim: I see that the device is under warranty.

Jimmy: Tell me it will not cost me $55

Tim: Basically, you need to follow all the possible troubleshooting steps. It will not cost you if you have followed the same.

Jimmy: I have done this but when I file the service request it demands I do it again, without help.

Jimmy: What do you expect me to do?

Jimmy: What record do you keep that shows I have done this? Our conversation proves you know nothing of this

Jimmy: I want you to confirm that I have done this, provide me with a correspondence record I can copy and paste and blame it on you.

Tim: I will file a request for you. Is that alright for you?

Jimmy: You are not even listening to me.

Tim: I am sorry, You can get the transcript of this chat by clicking on the blue “X close” option and providing the e-mail id in the detail.

Jimmy: Or I can select all and copy, but you are not saying what I need to hear as yet

Jimmy: Please confirm that I have completed all troubleshooting steps as requested and then I will allow you to file a service request on my behalf.

Tim: Thank you for waiting. I’ll be with you in just a moment.

Jimmy: Arrrgh

Tim: I have checked your previous chats and you have followed troubleshooting steps and it will not cost $55 for you.

Jimmy: Thank you

Jimmy: Your system would not allow me to send a service request myself.

Tim: You’re welcome. Merry Christmas!

Jimmy: We aren’t finished

Tim: Please provide me with the following details:

Tim: 1.Full Name.

Tim: 2.e-mail id registered with Samsung.

Tim: 3.Phone number and alternative number.

Tim: 4.Street address with Zip code.

Jimmy: James S. Young

Jimmy: xxxxxxxxxxxx

Jimmy: Why do you need two phone numbers? Some people don’t have them

Jimmy: xxxxxxxxxxxx

Jimmy: Waiting

Tim: Not a problem, You can use the Single number.

Jimmy: Hooray. Your online form won’t allow that, you might want to fix it.

Jimmy: xxxxxxxxxxxx

Jimmy: If you need a sales receipt, I can send a copy in the box with the Chromebook. I already explained that Windows 8 trashed my perfectly good scanner and I’m not buying another one just to do this.

Tim: Just to confirm,Where was the device purchased?

Jimmy: Walmart, Greencastle Indiana

Tim: Could you give me a few minutes while I file a request for you?

Jimmy: Sure

Tim: Thank you.

Jimmy: You’d be sitting in boiling lava if my thoughts could affect you, so you’re lucky

Tim: I will be right with you.

Tim: Samsung offers on-demand service status updates through text messaging. I see you provided your mobile phone number. Are you interested in this service? Standard messaging rates would apply.

Jimmy: I did not provide a mobile phone number because I don’t have one.

Tim: Okay, not a problem.

Jimmy: At this point I don’t have any idea what will happen

Jimmy: Do I send the Chromebook someplace?

Tim: I have successfully filed a service request on your behalf. You will get an email with the service center details and the UPS label for shipping. The transaction number for the service request is xxxxxxxxxx

Jimmy: Will someone send me a box?

Jimmy: Sigh. The heck with, I’ll just see what happens next.

Tim: I have send the request for you and you need to ship the device to service center with UPS label which have been Mailed to you.

Jimmy: OK, good enough. I have the hammer ready as the last option. Thank you for your trouble. Bye.

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