SAS Self-Defense Handbook Review

“Within the SAS there are techniques for disarming a person training a gun on you, but these take years of practice and even then there’s no guarantee they will work.” — Barry Davies, The SAS Self-Defense Handbook, page 72.

If you are looking for special ops techniques and last ditch options, you won’t find them in this book. Whatever is taught to special ops soldiers in the SAS apparently stayed there. Barry Davies has written a useful book full of practical tips and legal suggestions for the average civilian concerned with basic self-defense issues, but he has taken no risks and mentions nothing that isn’t common knowledge. His book contains good advice but no surprises. His suggestions should be within the ability of any average person to comprehend. If you bought this book in hopes of learning SAS secrets, you are out of luck. The quote at the top of this article is as much as Davies offers.

Davies also writes off people based on age, and far too soon, in my opinion. His advice for anyone of my advanced years is to set aside fitness training in favor of spending time with the grandchildren and to ask for help when needed. Screw that, I have things to do and I don’t need help. Kettlebells, anyone?

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