Jagdkommando Tri-Blade by Microtech Knives

Don't carry this anywhere unless you really do want to spend time in prison, where you will not have this knife.

Don’t carry this anywhere unless you really do want to spend time in prison, where you will not have this knife.

To sum up my opinion of this interesting knife: very expensive but nearly Totally Useless BullShit (my TUBS category rarely gets used but that’s where this one goes).

The Jagdkommando Tri-Blade is pretty much useless for anything but stabbing. Impossible to sharpen because of the complex curves of the spiral blade and made in several grades of stainless steel suitable for pocket knives and display weapons, the edge on this knife might last longer than most stainless steel blades because it won’t be cutting anything around camp but air. If you want something technically more serviceable, buy the titanium model. The only practical thing in this knife is the hollow handle, into which you can stuff a small flat knife you can actually use for something.

Triple-edged knives are not new to the industry although the spiral form of this wicked idea does seem innovative. Also pointless, makes the knife even less effective for stabbing and would tend to rotate the grip in the hands should you actually try this on something like a ham hanging from a tree limb. Maybe back in the days of the Inquisition some creative interrogator came up with something like this but I’ve not seen evidence as yet. Three-edged knives were outlawed by the Geneva Convention after they became popular trench weapons in WWI. Common soldiers did much to outlaw this type of weapon and other modified knives during the war, without the help of governments, by paying especially horrible attention to any enemy caught with them. The old tri-edged knives were like spikes sharpened on three sides until the edges met and were especially effective at killing people slowly because they left a wound which would not close without surgery. Men wounded in this way died of blood loss. Although spike weapons are still legal bayonets for countries following the Convention’s rules of war, triple-edged weapons are not, and no doubt anyone caught with the Jagdkommando will find this out from whatever policeman discovers it. A smith I know in Arkansas who is still famous for his combat and hunting knives made a custom three-sided dagger for a Special Forces fellow early in the Vietnam War and there are still some versions of that around also. Not illegal to make or sell except in some states, so check your local laws before even buying such a thing, but if anyone uses them in a fight it’s a ticket to conviction for serious crimes, even if you use it in self-defense. Judges and juries see nothing but criminal intent in a weapon like this. This is malice aforethought in the form of a knife. I won’t even hang the Jagdkommando Tri-Blade on my weapons wall, and it does include some fanciful blades.

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