Woke Up Grateful There Were No Nuclear Explosions Last Night

We survived Jimmy Carter. We will survive Donald Trump.

We survived Jimmy Carter. We will survive Donald Trump.

Well, crap. Best I can say is that we’ve survived bad presidents before. We survived Jimmy Carter. We survived Ronald Reagan. We could have survived Hillary. Actually we haven’t had a good president in a long while. There’s supposed to be an informal committee that meets with each President before they take office, they just walk past security and Secret Service and close the office door behind them, and then they explain to the new President what he is actually allowed to do and what will happen to him and his family if he tries to break the rules. One of Bill Clinton’s staff anonymously told this story, and was there during the meeting. A lot of what Trump wants to do is technically impossible and very expensive, like building the border wall. It will be a big corrupt money sump and won’t ever work right or be completed. Like Reagan’s Star Wars project, which wasted billions of dollars and we never got the impenetrable sky dome he saw in his vision. There will be a backlash against Trump’s policies and even though the Republicans hold the Senate and the House there are lots of powerful and able Republican politicians who are horrified by Trump, so it’s not carte blanche for him. If he starts making poor decisions, the system will get in his way and he’ll wind up as someone like Obama who is hardly noticed.

But! could any image be more ominous than this one?

But! could any image be more ominous than this one?

I grew up in the 50’s when society was so restrictive that you actually couldn’t let your hair grow if you were a man, and everyone had haircuts like you get in basic training. We had racial laws and a segregated school system. Black Americans were not just discouraged from voting, they were prevented from voting, because legal barriers were in place. That system is gone and the skinheads can’t bring it back because there are all the rest of us out here who are just as mean and we won’t allow it. In the voting queue yesterday there were a lot of older vets like me, with their remaining hair tied back in ponytails.

I doubt that Trump will be a great president. He seems ignorant of many things that a president should know and he doesn’t have the political skills that a career diplomat would have. It may be true that he asked his advisor why we can’t use nuclear weapons, but the answer to that is clear enough. During Ronald Reagan’s first tactical briefing he asked how long he had to call the missiles back. Well, Mr. President, you can’t call them back. It’s good that he asked the question. Having the job teaches you important things.

It will be interesting to see what sort of furniture President Trump brings to the White House. Will it be gold-plated? Will there be an actual stuffed African lion? Everyone adds something, but the power of the White House tends to change people quickly. The example of those who held the job before you looms ominously there and if you make a mistake it affects the lives of many millions of people. Presidents want to be remembered in good ways.

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