Willow Egg Birdhouse Finally Has Customers

Might be ugly to my pompous sister who lives like Martha Stewart, but to the birds it’s a wonderful idea

About three years ago or maybe two, I made a couple of experimental bird houses out of willow twigs and hung them under the porch awning. The first one was shaped kind of like a big egg and I wasn’t trying to make it pretty, intentionally left a lot of twigs sticking out and even wove it from branches with twigs still on them because I thought that would be attractive to the birds. Also made an entrance tube out of willow because I read that is a way to keep other birds out of wren’s nests. But the first two years nothing nested in it and last summer I watched the birds checking it out and it seemed like they couldn’t figure out the tube part, to them there was no way in. So I took that off last summer.

This morning I was sitting looking out the front window and drinking my coffee when a couple of little birds were checking out the front porch, and one landed on the willow egg and hopped around, looked inside it, went in and out a few times and seemed really excited : ). It went and found its partner and brought him or her back and they hopped around on top of the Egg and discussed things, the new bird seemed skeptical but finally went inside. Went in, looked around, came out, went back in. Came out and they both seemed really excited : ). Why, it’s the best bird house ever! I’m sure they were saying. What a wonderful idea!

Then a little while later I looked in on them again and one of the pair was perched on the rim of the doorway to the Egg and the other was checking out the yard. They both flew down into the garden and after a bit one came back with some nesting fluff and took that inside the Egg. So I was very excited, this is like a realtor selling a house. After three years I have a potential customer!

After coming back from town I checked again and there’s some green clover sticking out the side, so they’ve been testing it thoroughly. I don’t think they are nesting as yet but the Egg is certainly on their list of good sites now. I think they are playing hardball because it’s not quite time for these serious springtime decisions, a week of cold winter weather is coming, but I can’t lower the price because it is already free. All I can say to this curious couple is Hey! I’m losing money here! Just take the place!

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