Trump and Putin, Sitting in a Tree

I clipped this from a YouTube video by MSNBC. Current events have reminded me of a Russian saying from the Cold War days: “They are so close they are like two shoes that smell of the same foot.” Yeah, I smell that foot.

I’ve always known that eventually I’d be hanging by the neck under a bridge somewhere, so I might as well say what I think and I usually have. Well, sometimes I’ve been cautious, but usually being cautious doesn’t occur to me. I did sign up for protests in Terre Haute if Mueller gets fired, but now it’s getting into planting season and I have to think about practical things like growing food. I might not have a chance to appear on TV unless someone stops to interview me while I’m working in the garden. I need to eat. I need to grow enough food to last next winter. I need to go fishing. I might not make it to the demonstrations in Terre Haute.

It feels totally bizarre to have become one of the older people who shakes his fist at the air and says, “What has happened to this country?!” but I’m that guy now. This wasn’t what I signed up for. I quit believing in the public education version of America about two days after I enlisted in the Army, and I haven’t trusted the government or expected any government help since I came back from Vietnam. But I adapted! and I found a way through life. I’ve always known that no matter who gets elected, my taxes will go up and my income will go down, no matter what anyone says. But now I’m pissed, because Trump is messing with my retirement, and I have to add to this that Obama already messed with it. There were things I liked about Obama but his version of public health care only made all of us pay money to the health insurance companies. It was a great boon to the medical and insurance industries and for the rest of us, it sucked. At one time during that program, when I was still working, my only option for mandatory insurance was to give the health insurance company ninety percent of my pay. I was not allowed to look elsewhere, nor was I given any government support. I wound up with no health insurance, although Obama forgave me the penalty because I was poor.  So I have few fond memories of Obama either, except that he was kind of sane and wouldn’t drop nukes on people on a whim.

We’ve gone far downhill from there with Donald Trump. I had bad feelings about him in the beginning but I had faith in the system, and I expected that the system would confine him to the basic things all other Presidents have done. My benefits would drop and my taxes would go up. What has actually happened since he took over goes far beyond my wildest imagination, and it isn’t good for me. Trump is separating all the money from the poor people and giving it to the rich people, where apparently he thinks it belongs. If you think the medical insurance thing has eased for us “po’ folk” since Trump came into power, cripes, I just got extorted out of almost a hundred bucks for absolutely nothing, for an insurance program I don’t need, didn’t want, and never signed up for. Thanks, big Don.

I don’t have the same view of retirement as most people have. I’ve always intended to retire far enough out in the country that no one would bother me and I could die in peace. Looks like I might have to liquidate my holdings here and move a little farther out, in coming years.

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