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custom puma white hunter

My best virtual knife, courtesy of Puma

Winter’s coldest days are great times to plan the next season, even if it’s a little out of the price range you normally inhabit.  If you like knives and you like to dream about knives like the Puma White Hunter, visit Puma’s custom knife design page  and dream on.

puma white hunter

The Puma White Hunter, off the rack

At Puma you don’t have to buy off the rack — the company allows custom orders with individual choices of blade, bolster, handle, materials and even your initials engraved on the badge. The Puma White Hunter pictured here — modified to my expectations — will probably never see the real world since the price of it as a stock pattern is already way beyond my budget. The price comes up in Euro’s, which is kind because I can imagine that I might buy it some day, so long as I don’t convert that to currency I comprehend.

This is one of the company’s most expensive knives anyway, so that won’t always be the result (something you can’t afford). There are very few knives I’d choose over a solid American brand like Buck, but Puma makes knives just as sturdy and makes them beautiful. No one will ever seriously call a Ka-Bar a beautiful knife, but Puma knives can leave you mesmerized. If you want a Puma knife and there’s something about it that just doesn’t hit you right, change it. Very few modern companies allow that choice, but Puma still includes many hand processes in their system. Tailoring is possible.

It’s also fun.

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